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- The bottom line is that Voyage of the Damned is the quintessential power metal album…
Metal Blast

- Good old Iron Fire. You know, with the cheesy name and the cheesy album covers and the cheesy songs about battles and metal warriors. Shove ‘em off to the side with Metalium and Sacred Steel and the rest of the Hammerfall knockoffs, right? Not this time! 9.25/10Hardrock Heaven

- I don’t know what the thinking was within the sanctuary of the band since the release of that previous album, but they must have realized it was about time to pull something a little special out of the hat, which is exactly what they have done with VOYAGE OF THE DAMNED. 9/10My Gobal Mind

- From time to time, even the most learned listener of metal has been known to poorly judge an album by its cover. 4/5 - Metal Underground

- Let me be the first to say, Iron Fire have changed my view on power metal for the better. Voyage of the Damned is probably the best metal record I may have ever listened to. 9/10 – Scorpio Promotion

- The album is a power metal fan’s dream. If you like heavy galloping guitars, well-written songs, killer vocals, and great production, look no further. This album has it all. 9/10The Metal Pit

- Starting in 2006 with ‘Revenge’ Iron Fire return with a new album entitled ‘Voyage of the Damned’. On this new CD the band come across as a blistering combination of Dream Evil, Firewind and early Pagan’s Mind, and with this new release the band has crafted what I can only describe as an intelligent and technically brilliant metal album, that lovers of the heavier side of the rock music will love. Rocktobia (UK)