Name: Martin Lund

Date Of birth: July 11th

Hair color: Brown/black

Eye color:Brown/green

Height: 1.65 m

Zodiac: Cancer

Ressidence: CPH

Instrument: Purple Per (Bass)

Other/Former Bands: Morbid Vision

Main Influences: Psychotic Waltz, Death

Favourite Albums:All with above

Favourite Bands: Should be obvious

Favourite musician: Devon Graves (Buddy Lackey)

Favourite Food: Raw meat and smovs

Favourite Drink: Cognac

Favourite Movie: Spaceballs

Favourite Actor/Actress Johnny Depp

Favourite Book: Mozart

Hobbies: Sleeping on my couch

Sports: Soccer and racing

Religion: Me

Favourite TV: All in tv is supreme and worth watching

What I prefer to do, when I think nobody is watching: Cuttle my dolls

What I am actually caught doing when I think nobody is watching..? Picking hair out of my nose and cooking prawns

Favourite IronFire Song: Blade of triumph

Favourite Gig: Hmmm, somewhere in Germany I think I played a good one at some point

What I Don't Like: Black curly hairs in my cognac

Life philosophy: Either you do it or you dont, it´s 50/50 every day

A word for the fans: Sorry for the poor bassplaying, I´m rehearsing when you read this, I promise.

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