Name: Fritz Wagner

Date Of birth: June 26th

Hair color: Dark blonde

Eye color: Blue

Height: 171 cm

Zodiac: Cancer

Ressidence: Denmark

Instrument: Pearl Drums

Other/Former Bands: Ripe, Shaded Fate, RiverHead and Mytheon

Favourite Albums: Hamka - Unearth

Favourite musician: King Diamond, John Petrucci and Mike Portnoy

Favourite Food: Potatoes and meat

Favourite Drink: Erdinger(beer)and water

Favourite Movie: Evil Dead, BrainDead, Meet The Feebles

Favourite Actor/Actress: Bruce Willis and Mr. Bean

Favourite Book: sorry…I dont read books !!

Favourite Bands: IronFire, PowerQuest, King Diamond, Dream Theater and Helloween

Hobbies: Girls and friends

Sports: street soccer only!!

Religion: I believe in my self!

Favourite TV: Discovery Channel

What I prefer to do, when I think nobody is watching: Pick my nose

What I am actually caught doing when I think nobody is watching….? Picking my nose…

Favourite IronFire Song: Bloodbath Of Knights

What I Don't Like: Religious fanatics, and girls with clothes.

Life philosophy: Be a good person at all times

A word for the fans: I hope the next generation plays heavy metal!

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